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1) SmileCard©
Dazzle potential patients with this elegant business card that shows three different before and after smiles. Almost like having a smile book in your pocket. Select from two different SmileStrips (c). A blank sleeve for your logo and information and the SmileStrip itself are provided on a computer disk for your printer.
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2) SmileWheel©
A quick reference guide for six different aesthetic problems and solutions. Inexpensive enough to have in every operatory -- no more hunting for the big album and lugging it from room to room.

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4) SmileDream©
Expert cosmetic imaging provides the aesthetic dentist with a powerful tool for showing patients their smile potental. Prints, 35mm film negatives, slides and e-mail photos are all acceptable. Prints can be individual 4x6's, or 81/2x11 with before and after side by side. Two sets of prints per case. Cost - $50 for prints, or $45 to e-mail completed images back.

"I loved my imaging, and it looked so realistic." Lisa

3) Quantachart©
Indispensable for Microdentistry, the Quantachart accurately maps and monitors digital DIAGNOdent readings and other diagnostic findings. It charts the individual pits, grooves, interproximal and peripheral rim. Call or email to have a sample chart sent.
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All photos are unretouched and actual patients of Dr. Sultanov.
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